Samui Wedding planning SERVICES

We have a saying,

"If we don't take the time to make
something special, nothing ever is."
Wouldn't you agree?

Services on the weddings

We invest personally in you, and take pride in a 100% satisfaction rate for more than 10+ years. We achieve this by listening to you, asking questions you may not have even thought of, and through our experienced guidance you will be assured nothing will come between your vision and your wedding dreams.

We appreciate that you will place a lot of trust in us, and we will not let you down. From the variety of wishes and weddings we have made come true; nothing surprises us, is ever too much work, or is impossible.

Whilst it should be taken for granted when hiring a destination wedding planner, we still feel it is important to point out that our services and fees do include:

  • Unlimited emails and contact with us
  • On-site, Hands-on Coordination of Your Wedding Day
  • Coordination, booking and obtaining quotes for any other third party activity you desire
  • Giving you feedback on possible locations from first hand experience, visiting sites for you, sending you pictures, and ensuring you are not surprised by possible construction sites suddenly present, or high tides reducing the beach by half…
  • We will answer any other questions you may have; from ceremony to decorations, entertainment to photography, guest services or tours, or anything you have on your mind, etc.

Destination Wedding Services

Some Extras to Enhance Your Wedding
  • Western & Buddhist Ceremonies

    From romantic beach ceremonies and private villa weddings to traditional Thai Buddhist blessings – we can help you with anything you want. Look at full list of packages

  • Our Secluded Sunset Beach

    If you want to marry on a private, secluded beach – we have the perfect location!

  • Legal Marriage Services

    We have helped couples from all over the world register their marriage legally in Thailand – and you can sign your final certificate on your wedding day! Look at our “Gold” and “Platinum” Legal Marriage Packages

  • Flowers & Decorations

    Do you have a collection of photo ideas for your flowers and decorations? Send them to us – we would love to see them.

  • Private Luxury Villa Rentals

    We have a few personally-selected private luxury villas we can recommend if you are looking for something special.

  • Transparent Stage Over Swimming Pool

    Set your wedding apart with our high-strength luxurious glass stage.

  • Photography & Videography

    Upgrade your wedding service with a professional photographer or videographer team. Aerial drones are available.

  • DJ's & Live Bands & Sound Systems

    Rock into the night with your own music on our powerful party sound system, hire a professional DJ to keep your party going or get-down with a live “Rock Cover Band” or “Jazz Quartet”. You can even add an amazing female singer to the Jazz Quartet.

  • Food & Drinks

    Thailand is known for it's amazing food – what do you want on your menu? And no wedding is complete without drinks? Are you a Champagne/Wine kind of couple or do you like beer – how about tropical cocktails?

  • Reception Entertainment & Fireworks

    Sometimes music just isn't enough to show your guests a good time. We can secure a wonderful Traditional Thai Dance Show or a risque Cabaret Show, we can dazzle with an exciting FireDancing Shows and spectacular fireworks presentations. What would you like to add to your reception?

  • Additional Lighting

    Looking to add more lighting for some warm atmosphere? We can add a little – or a lot – as your budget allows!

  • Custom Wedding Cake – We Can Use Your Dress Pattern

    We have a fantastic cake artist on Koh Samui that can make you a tasty cake; from the most simple style all they way to 3-D works of art!

We will unsure your wedding fulfills all your desires and you can focus on what actually matters – the two of you! You will never have to worry about paying extra for any questions, counting your emails to see how many have already been sent and were included in the price, or have the feeling of being just a customer.

Once you commit to us, we commit to you, and will not rest until you, too, are part of our 100% satisfied.