Wedding Julien and Janine on Koh Sam island

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Julien and Janine wanted to make their destination wedding a ‘family affair’ as they were joining two families together; three children each.

Julien didn’t want to do things like everyone else so he asked us to charter an amazing sailboat for the whole day where they could spend a special day together as a new, combined family.

In order to make sure things were unforgettable, Julien and Janine chose to have a short wedding ceremony on a small private island, on a deserted beach, just at the water’s edge, surrounded by their six children. After, they took photos with Hanh and then returned to the boat to continue their charter to Koh Phangan.

Upon returning to their beautiful Ridgeway Estate Villa, they were greeted with a delicious pool-side BBQ and a unique table decoration of balloons.

Not every wedding must be a large event, but making sure it all runs right is important. Thank you for your trust. Congratulations to Julien and Janine and their wonderful children on the founding of this new family. All the best!