The “Gold” Legal Marriage Registration Package

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Legal Marriage Registration

This package has EVERYTHING you will need to completely register your legal marriage in the Kingdom of Thailand with ease, and have your marriage legally accepted internationally, under Thai law. Great for couples who have been to Bangkok in the past, have an adventurous spirit or need to save a little money compared to our “Platinum” VIP package

Package Includes:

  • Directions to Guide You Through the Process in Bangkok, Including a Detailed Map
  • Use of Our Trusted Certified Translator
  • FULL Translation of All Necessary Documents (Including Divorce Papers, if Applicable) from English (or Other) to Thai
  • Thai Foreign Affairs Dept. Certification and Fee
  • Translated Documents are Then Posted to Koh Samui Prior to Ceremony Date
  • Papers Are Submitted to Local “Amphur” Office at Least One (1) Day Prior to Wedding Day (Not Possible on Weekends or Thai Holidays)
  • Local “Amphur” (Registrar) Comes to Your Wedding Venue to Finalize Paperwork on Koh Samui
  • After Your Wedding, Thai Marriage Certificate is Sent Back to Bangkok to be Translated from Thai into English (or Appropriate Language) Through Our Trusted Certified Translator
  • Final Processing at Thai Foreign Affairs Department in Bangkok
  • FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE – Final Documents Are Sent Through a Registered Courier to Your Home (Such as FedEx)


  • You must keep in mind not to try and register on weekends, Thai holidays and your country’s national holidays as all government offices and embassies will be closed.
  • “Gold” Legal Marriage Registration Package does NOT include any fees paid directly to your embassy.
  • Please visit your embassy’s website (in Bangkok) for all the current information about what paperwork is necessary