Koh Samui Wedding review from Rikke and Jesper

Koh Samui Wedding review from Rikke and Jesper

December 1, 2017 0

Things seldom turn out the way you expect them to. It is an even rarer experience when things turn out better that you had hoped for. But that was what happened for us at our wedding on Koh Samui, Thailand. Our wedding was even better than we had dreamed it would be.

To begin with we choose “Samui Beach Weddings” solely on the looks of their webpage and the pictures they had posed on it. We had no prior knowledge of the company. We contacted them and began planning the wedding via email. And through the whole process of planning all the details for the wedding we got a lot of professional help from our fantastic wedding planner, Carter. Carter was good at asking the right kind of questions and was very helpful in guiding us through the process with a lot of sweetness and engagement.

When you transfer money to people who are opposite the planet from where you are, you can’t help worrying that this is all a big scam. But they were very professional and they always answered our mails quickly, so we felt somewhat at ease. We felt that we were in good hands.

We had the pre-wedding meeting with Carter, who is the head of the company, on the second day of our stay on Koh Samui. It was really great. Carter was more enthusiastic about our wedding than we were, an enthusiasm that would last throughout the whole wedding day. We got the feeling that he did not do it for the money but for the joy of creating perfect moments in people’s lives. During the meeting he guided us through the whole ceremony, the photo shoot, and the wedding dinner on the beach. Once again we felt in very good hands.

The wedding was perfect in so many ways. It was intimate, romantic and most important of all it was very relaxed. Just as we wanted!

The photographer who was a part of our “wedding package” took incredible pictures, 830 in all. Pictures are important. When memory fades they are all you have left. And we have the best of memories from that very special day.

We shared our perfect day with four close friends, who also were taken good care of by Carter. They made sure that our friends was not bored and did a good job entertaining them while we was taking care of the photo shoot after the ceremony.

Regarding entertainment under the wedding dinner, we chose the fire dancing show. We cannot explain in words what a fantastic experience that was. It was absolutely amazing!

All the details regarding flowers, decorations, drinks, music and so on, was taking well care of. It was all perfect and very tasteful.

It all sounds very expensive and almost too good to be true, but that was not the case. We were positively surprised.

We only have high praises for “Samui Beach Weddings” and give the company our full recommendation. To all of you who are thinking about a beach wedding on Koh Samui, “Samui Beach Weddings” is the place to go.

Thank you Carter for all of your help planning our perfect day!

Rikke and Jesper from Copenhagen, Denmark

Rikke & Jesper Copenhagen, Denmark December 1, 2017