What makes Koh Samui great for destination weddings?

What makes Koh Samui great for destination weddings?

April 14, 2018 Blog 0

There are many places you can get married in Thailand, so what makes Koh Samui good for your destination wedding? Besides the ease of being able to fly directly to Samui’s international airport, here is a short (and in no way complete) list of a few things to consider when choosing:

1. There are many amazing Private Luxury Villas available here to host your Big Day, depending on your expected guest numbers. Quiet beaches and spectacular sea-views with the freedom to customize your wedding the way you wish are the most common reasons couples choose these venues. Villas require a realistic budget and your vision is only limited by your and your wedding planner’s imagination.

2. Resorts are still a popular option as most of the guests can stay together, if desired. The on-site staff and equipment can keep some costs down. Small boutique resorts where you can rent all the rooms to make the resort a private venue are becoming more popular. The more private your wedding, the better your experience will be.

3. A small sunset beach bar could be the ideal place for some couples. The beach is an empty canvas to decorate or celebrate simply with minimal decorations, the choice is open to your wedding desires; romantic dinners for two on the beach, fun ‘family-style’ BBQ dinner service with lights, and possibly entertainment. Fireworks, fire dancers or a DJ could be a part of your memories.

4. Want to experience a traditional Buddhist wedding blessing? No problem, most temples allow foreigners to share an unforgettable memory with authentic Buddhist monks. The monks can also be arranged to perform a blessing at your private luxury villa, resort or sunset beach bar, with some restrictions.

5. Samui Beach Weddings will organize your dream wedding at any luxury villa on Koh Samui, a few recommended resorts or our own quiet sunset beach. We are permanently based on the island so there is no need to pay extra to have us there with you, on-site, for your entire wedding day. “If you share with us your dreams, we will make them come true.”

6. Koh Samui has a lot of great places to visit when you and your guests are not doing wedding-related things; island tours, snorkeling & diving trips, waterfall hiking, fishing, adventur sports, spa treatments and of course shopping! I must confess, I have made Koh Samui my home for the last 17+ years, so clearly I’m biased – and who wouldn’t be, living here. Once you visit this tropical paradise you will have your own reasons for wanting to return often. The world is a big place and when you get married with Samui Beach Weddings on Koh Samui, you will know you have made this right choice. Your memories will be unforgettable and you will have amazing stories to share for many years to come.

We have a saying: “If we don’t take the time to make something special, nothing ever is.” Wouldn’t you agree?

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